— Running January 13th through January 20th —

Ok Guys after a year of work. It's finally here:

My Yahoo! “The Girls Game” show PREMIERE on Thursday, Jan 15th.

To celebrate were doing a launch contest for our two hit offers, “Spellbound®” for women and “3 Second Attraction” for men.



Check out the Yahoo! “The Girls Game” logo right beneath the Spellbound® video (yes, we have permission for that).

With copy by Jason Lane with Chris Haddad helping us out and a brand new killer VO, this is gonna be a monster.

You will make a ton of money. Our prefab swipe generator is below, just put in your clickbank ID and then cut and paste into your mailer.

The prizes are pretty cool too:

Top Prizes to the Affiliates Who Rack Up the Most Sales:

  1. Grand Prize $1000
  2. 2nd Place $500
  3. 3rd Place $400
  4. 4th Place $300
  5. 5th Place $300
  6. 6th - 10th Place $100

Get your swipe below.

Links & Swipes

We've done all the hard work for you.

You get cut & paste swipes that drive high click-throughs to a value-packed VSL that crushes will not only make you a boatload of cash, but will also have your list thanking you because they learned some really great new techniques.

We are here to help you in any way that we can, whether it's custom content for you to use or anything else you need at all. Please call us at 888-mehowtv or email affiliate@mehow.tv

If you need something don't hesitate to ask. Because I've put together a team to support you 1000%. Add this offer to your autoresponder and we'll do the same. We want to make you as much money as possible and treat your list members with the utmost respect they deserve.

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